BIRTHDAY SUITS: Cherry Blue: 8-song CD

Apr 05, 2006

I think it’s the Buddhists who see life in death, that the end is really the beginning. Sweet J.A.P., one of the best bands to come out of Minneapolis, broke up on their ascent, like a deprogrammed missile. Two butterflies to come out of that roughed-up cocoon of blistering New Bomb Turks by way of Japanese foreign exchange students are Hideo (guitarist/vocals) and Yuichiro (drummer/ vocals). The Birthday Suits are a more spurty, surprisingly full, angular two-piece. Think Wire vs. Melt Banana, but shorter songs. Yeah, more art than previous, but—thankfully—they’re slashing and discomforting, like fast dreams you can’t quite catch up to mixed with the feel of rust crumbling between your fingers. Life after death; it’s not quite Sweet J.A.P. reincarnated, and I’m relieved that it’s not.

 –todd (Nice and Neat)