BIRTHDAY PARTY, THE: The John Peel Sessions: CD

May 27, 2009

Quite possibly one of the greatest bands ever? The latest in a collection of reissues and so forth for one of the most influential bands in punk. The complete Peel Sessions – the original only featured a selection of tracks – this CD features sixteen tracks of pure, raw, hellish heaven. From their infamous cover of "Loose" by The Stooges, to the kitschy "Rowland Around in That Stuff," to classic BP tracks that bring out that inner sick and twisted evil, such as "Six Inch Gold Blade" and "Sonny's Burning," to the silly gothic drama of "Release The Bats," and a personal favorite, "Deep In The Woods." This, aside from the compilation Hits, is probably the best introduction to the Birthday Party. The Birthday Party spawned such acts as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and Rowland S. Howard's own solo work, among other countless projects. Horrific, sexy, destructive and confusing, The Birthday Party takes on so many roles of so many things we all want to achieve and accomplish artistically. Fancy meeting God? –Sarah Stierch

 –guest (Strange Fruit)

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