BIRTH DEFORMITIES: Suburbanized: 10”

Jan 11, 2013

Borrowing heavily from southern California ‘80s punk and hardcore, Birth Deformities unveil an onslaught of eleven tunes of suburban angst, self deprecation, and downright hatred towards anyone and everyone—including themselves. Birth Deformities have done an amazing job of converging two completely different styles from two completely different regions that obviously didn’t care much for each other. Try to picture if T.S.O.L. was booked with Agression, 45 Grave, and Stalag 13. Yes, the pit would not be a pretty sight for anyone who wasn’t ready to get a bottle chucked right at their head—and that’s exactly what I’m picturing as this record spins. And in the true spirit of the ‘80s, Birth Deformities doesn’t care if they bum you out with their offensive lyrics during a time when being “cool” with everyone means watching what you say. Top it off with great cover art, a giant poster, and a silk screened dust sleeve with the album’s lyrics. Impressive!

 –Juan Espinosa (Cowabunga, no address)

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