Mar 01, 2011

Sloppy, blown-out, sad-fun, bilingual (English/Spanish) punk rock. What it lacks in fidelity (I mean, it is a legit demo, as advertised), it more than makes up for energy and nice little instrumental flourishes inside its crashing wave. It does what a demo should—makes me like the band while making me excited to hear these songs with a wee less spit and a wee more polish. (My only complaint is that “We Could Complain,” is mastered so loud compared to the rest of the CD, I almost blew out an eardrum and some speakers.) This is the exact type of band that should be playing a front room with a low-hanging plastic-molded-candles chandelier overhead. Classy, but 40oz classy, not conspicuous luxury classy. Includes the already-classic-around-these-parts jam “I’m a Punk.”

 –todd (Bite The Cactus, [email protected])

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