Sep 23, 2011

Bio Crisis is a really great band from Tijuana. They rule. Somewhat in the vein of Bumbklaatt, but definitely leaning more towards From Ashes Rise. This is my favorite type of local band: constantly promoting their scene and setting up shows. Their four songs on this split are really good; I just wish there had been a lyric sheet. Also, I feel the vocals sound much better live, less like growls and more like screams. Slaktattack hail from Sweden and really round out this split very well. Split CDs are so different than split 7”s, in that you don’t have to flip it, yet, luckily, this band sounds different enough to immediately be noticed as no longer being Bio Crisis. The same can’t be said for all split CDs. Slaktattack, while having shorter songs, definitely manage to keep the tempo up. A bit more straightforward, just as great. This is highly recommended, as both these bands are really good.

 –Rene Navarro (Self-released)

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