BIO CRISIS: En Memoria al Dolor: CD

May 28, 2014

Heavy-as-fuck, down-tuned, and dark hardcore from Tijuana, Baja California with a very bleak outlook on and contempt for the STD that is human life. It’s hard not to musically compare Bio Crisis to Tragedy (especially with the acoustic interludes) though they do an excellent job of affixing certain elements of their own to this style—such as an awesome acid-throated vocal delivery and varying drum beats—that keep the music from becoming stale and ineffective, as has become customary for most bands who think they can hold a candle to the Portland crust lords. For fans of Profane Existence bands and anyone who dares not wear a leather jacket to a Drop Dead show. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Bloodpact / Mundo En Kaos / Detesta / Culture War DIY/ Replenish / Negligent / Akracza / Tomorrow Belongs To Us, [email protected])