BING SELFISH: Spanish Dictators: EP

Jan 11, 2013

For the uninitiated, the Messthetics label specializes in hyper rare DIY punk and power pop back from the dark ages. It makes the Killed By Death series of compilation LPs seem like fuckin Green Day in terms of obscurity. I have no idea how this dude finds all this shit, folks bashing away in their garage in Hay-On-Wye in ‘81, making cassettes even their own family never heard. Some of this stuff is really great… hidden gems. This??? Garbage… buncha dudes noodling in a garage somewhere. Not the least bit punk… no hooks. They pressed a 12” of this shit in a pressing of 465 in ‘81 and still had 125 in 2011. Unsurprising. Terrible.

 –Tim Brooks (Messthetics)

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