Nov 22, 2009

Fuckin'-A, Billyclub rampageously clobbered my ears with a fullthrottle unruly attack of ragin' punkrock profanity that's all-at-once decadent, defiant, and morally corrupt! Hell yeah, just what the devil ordered! This is insurgent audial anarchy at its decibel-blastin' best that'll kick the complacent asses of crybaby PC prettyboy "punk" poseurs everywhere (causin' them to fearfully shudder and girlishly whimper like the lil' tree-huggin' expresso-sippin' pansies they uninspiringly are!). Billyclub proudly wave the red and black anarchic banner of pure punkrock nonconformity while sonically layin' waste to everything socially acceptable that's unwittingly caught in their wake... in the process, they indelibly inspire a snarlin'-and-leerin' legion of mohawked mutant insurrectionists to pogo 'til their hearts plop outta their rectums. Damn, I've been aurally assaulted, and my six senses will never be the same...

 –guest (Hello Records)