BILLY NO MATES: Duck, Duck, Goose: CD

Duncan Redmonds is a high-functioning pothead. When Snuff’s in-between reincarnations, there’s been Guns N Wankers, Duncan’s Divas—as himself (Bubble And Squeak, another Duncan-and-a-rotating-cast-of-characters project). It’s really the same gold bullion catchy punk slathered with different gravies. (This time a Japanese/British intermingling, so a wasabi brown sauce?) I know I’m reducing an entire country to two men, but if Frankie Stubbs is the granite, smoke, and coal industry of contemporary English punk, Duncan’s the prank-pulling—borderline surreal/absurdist—punk-this-ridiculously-jumpy-is-rarely-this-smart mad scientist. So, if you’re followed Duncan from Flibbiddydibbiddydob, Demmamussabebonk, andPotatoes and Melons at Wholesale Prices Straight from the Lockup (the trifecta, for me) and haven’t checked in in awhile, now’s a good time to pop in for a visit. Like the Toy Dolls, Duncan is in his own universe, his own language, his own cause and effect. Be thankful he chose to play punk to show how it can expand, contract, wiggle, fade, and get megaweird. It’s like children’s programming for agitated, alienated adults.

 –todd (No Idea, / Household Name, / Poison City,