Jul 02, 2009

If Chuck Berry suffered severe brain damage ((i mean, more so than usual)) and decided to become Nine Pound Hammer, then decided ((via split-personality band vote)) to channel the spirit of GG Allin in sort of a Darin Rafaelli role, then wiped his ass with a Bible ((and, since he’s Chuck Berry, videotaped that part of it)), the result may, in fact, yield similar results to that of Billy Joe Winghead. I know not what flags Winghead Nation swears fealty to, but the album’s leadoff track, “Your Friend Jesus,” is such an exhilarating, blasphemous stomp that i am virtually certain all other flags, galaxy-wide, are now little but smoldering ash and flaming urine stains. Later in the album, the band finds God and cuts a straight-up Four Seasons cover. One way or the other, Jesus wept. BEST SONG: “Your Friend Jesus” BEST SONG TITLE: I’d hate to say “Shitpipe Minnie,” but they’re just that kinda band. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: If you buy four McDonald’s® Filet-O-Fish™ sandwiches during lent, it comes up to $6.66.

 –norb (Zodiac Killer)