BILL BONDSMEN, THE: The Swingin’ Sounds of…: 7”

Aug 07, 2006

After a demo that showed considerable promise (even if it needed mixing something awful) comes one fucker of a hardcore record steeped in its influences yet refraining from rehashing the same ol’ shit. Things are not too fast, not too slow, and there’s enough of a sense of humor to keep things from becoming a preach-fest. Subjects include stupid Nazi skins (“stupid tattoos on your forehead and neck/poor pathetic slob/shoulda got ‘this space for rent’/have fun hunting for a job”), tooth decay, telemarketing, and “the Dark Crystal.” Add some punny song titles (including “Garthim Attack,” a sly reference to a Mob 47 tune) and you’ve got some entertaining listening.

 –jimmy (Fourteegee Profuctions)