BILL BONDSMEN: The Swinging Sounds of…: 7” EP

Aug 07, 2006

When ugly is beautiful and fat means more time to live after the Apocalypse. Dashes of N.O.T.A., Die Kreuzen, and The Offenders, in my humble opinion, are always going to put some sharp, interesting corners on any hardcore band (I’m using hardcore in the original early ‘80s sense, not the ‘90s Mr. Universe with bad attitudes, metal masturbation-as-a-crew sense). When said no-bullshit band doesn’t take themselves seriously, name drops The Dark Crystal (“the greatest documentary of political struggle ever”) body checks The Wall, and has one of the best “I shoulda been brushing my teeth” songs I’ve ever heard, well, then you’re on to something. It’s like finding a piece of pre-chewed candy on the street, yet it still has its own flavor, even with all the pebbles, strands of hair, and slivers of old glass. Tastes better than it first looks.

 –todd (Fourteegee Profuctions)