BIG SUZE: You Guys Suck and It’s Too Loud: Cassette

May 07, 2015

Hitting “play” on this cassette is like jumping into a pit of rabid wolverines that have been starved for weeks. Or fighting lions in the Roman coliseum with no weapons. Or entering a dark room full of ninjas who think you killed their family. Whatever the metaphor, I was not ready for this. It’s aggressive as fuck and dirty and angry and chaotic. But that kind of controlled chaos. There are a few sludgy breakdowns where you can catch your breath, and try to regroup for the fight, but you better do it fast. As soon as you think you might be ready, they take the same sludgy tempo and just start adding more beats and notes in there. Your heart never has a chance to slow down; they thrust right back into the high speed intensity just when you thought you could let your guard down. They don’t even let you relax in between songs. There’s not a break in sound until the end of the tape. Those short lulls I mentioned earlier are transitions into the next track and I wouldn’t be surprised if each side was recorded as one long continuous take. Lead by vocals that make you imagine burst blood vessels and strained cords, they are also backed up by a set of vocals that are slightly less intense. This band totally rules and should only be played as loud as possible. 

 –Kayla Greet (Drug Party,

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