BIG SUR: Und Die Scheibe Andert Sich Immer: CD

Mar 23, 2007

This group is comprised of members from the Mars Volta and Air. Thus, there must be boundless indie street cred (okay, more like “Indie Street-Team Cred”) surrounding these guys. Chances are you have already read about this (Will the real Pitchfork and Buddyhead readers please stand up?) and choose whether this tickles your fancy. Perhaps you are an avid Razorcake devotee and ignore such digital riff raff. When it comes down to it, this record sounds quite smooth and fluid. Big Sur experiments with playing some funky grooves and the guest appearance from Money Mark (of Beastie Boys fame) on keyboards fits quite well. At times, the songs sound minimal enough to be described as somewhat nondescript. This music is mostly reminiscent of the material that is played during the sex scene of a rarely watched HBO miniseries. There are some pop sensibilities that are apparent, but, in essence, this does not really command my attention. This is perhaps worth a download if you are fans of their main bands. –Chris Prorock

 –guest (GSL)

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