BIG IN JAPAN: Destroy the New Rock: CDR

Nov 22, 2009

Whenever I listen to Elvis Costello, I think about how cool those songs would be if the guitars were louder and the songs were faster. If they rocked, basically. Because he does have a great voice and he does write great songs (remember that Elvis Costello was one of the original punkers [at least according to the “Understanding Music: Punk and Reggae” documentary at the library]). I just grow old waiting to get through them. Finally, though, Zac Damon from Zoinks and a couple of the guys from the Gain have gotten together to show the world what Elvis Costello should’ve been. Big In Japan take on those early eighties pop sensibilities and Damon almost steals Costello’s vocals and tempo changes, but there’s a real edge to the lyrics. “Destroy the New Rock” is a catchy snarl. It’s a bunch of songs that could be three-and-a-half minute radio hits if they hadn’t been condensed to two-minute punk songs and if the lyrics weren’t about killing your boyfriend or ragging your worthless life. I like this a lot. And, for the record, they don’t cover any Elvis Costello songs on this album.

 –sean (Honest Dons)