BIG FUN: Passing the Time b/w Hold On: 7"

Jul 23, 2007

The world doesn’t need any more songs called “Hold On.” You and I could drum up a list of two dozen “Hold Ons”s and nary a one of them would prompt us to pause compiling our list to listen to the “Hold On” in question. Until now. I can, in good conscience, recommend Big Fun’s “Hold On.” Likewise for “Passing the Time.” Power pop guitar lines reminiscent of the early Who and radiant vocals that remind me of Nikki Corvette or the Pinkz, songs where the verse and chorus blend together so well I don’t notice the transitions and wouldn’t care to. This single is the perfect soundtrack for mid-summer daydreaming (as well as a great record to have on hand for your next “originality is an overrated virtue” debate). Mike Faloon

 –guest (Put On)