BIG FUN 4EVER: Self-titled: 7”

Sep 23, 2009

This record is fucking catchy! Weird, synthy pop music, with keyboards and the most underused instrument in modern butt-shaking music: the sax. As I played this, my roommate (who’s very musical but not a dancer) stopped and went, “What the fuck is this?” Not in a negative way, but as a genuine “I haven’t hear anything quite like this before.” That’s accurate. Not much dancey-pop music has a real homemade feel to it. The leading lady has a really lovely voice, and the harmonies are tight as well. This record is on repeat for the “getting ready to go out” ritual (ladies, you know the mildly annoying task of make-up and hair is always more fun when dancing around). “Teenage Sensation” is a great little ditty about still going after the person with the bad reputation. Pink swirled vinyl keeps up with the pop sensibility, and the silkscreened sleeve (a volcanic eruption with cars) is rad as well. I hope to see them live soon. Ultra bonus: They’re from Milwaukee! Play this on repeat.

 –Samantha Beerhouse (