Big Eyes kick off Side A of this 7” with “Asking You to Stay,” building up with lollygagging, songs-to-sway-your-hips-to riffs, that katamaries itself into hard-hitting chords, faster speeds, and eventually more “aggressive” vocals. The built up energy brought on tumbleweeds its way into the second, and final, Big Eyes song off of this split, “It’s Not Fair”: a sugar coated, upbeat take on obvious frustrations (as Big Eyes tends to do), topped with air guitar worthy riffs. Post Teens follow this up with a quick, steady, and slightly manic, “Mexican Painkillers,” that tie this record together perfectly. Side B eventually slows itself out with pacing, and steadies into, “Friendly Start.” With such fuzzy chord progression, poppy beats, and perfectly timed pauses that leave you on edge, how can you possibly not fall head-over-heels in love with this?

 –Genevieve Armstrong (No Idea)