BIG EYES: Hard Life: LP

Jan 19, 2012

I first saw the name “Big Eyes” right around the time that I saw the name “Big Soda.” Don’t ask why, but I gave both bands a big whatever due to the fact that they both had the word “big” in their names and I first saw them both at about the same time. Time passed, and then this LP came to my door for review. So I slapped it on, and it turned out to be pretty good. I took a look at the insert, and a name seemed familiar. Turns out that Big Eyes is fronted by Kate, who used to be in Cheeky. Big Eyes has spunk, but they are not as spunky as Cheeky. Big Eyes have a pretty cool sound that is like a sped-up, punk take on old rock songs, like ones from around the time Hairspray was supposed to have taken place. Only one song (out of twelve) kind of falls flat.

 –Vincent (Don Giovanni)

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