BIG EYES: “Back from the Moon” b/w “I Don’t Care About Friday Night”: 7”

Jul 23, 2012

What’s not to like? Powerful vocals (some gravel, some honey, lots of heart), hooks aplenty, melodies locked tight. If this were the ‘60s, think Sugar Pie Desanto. If this were late ‘70s, think Joan Jett. If this were the ‘90s, think Muffs. If this were the 2010’s, think Full Of Fancy and you understand the socio-political ramifications of this evening’s entertainment. I also surmise that Big Eyes appreciate the scaffolding the Replacements made for future bands to play on top of. I understand the nature of a two-song single. Direct, best-foot-forward. I’m cool with that. The entire enterprise watersheds around Kate’s voice and lyrics. Part of me wishes it didn’t, that some free radicals were zinging around, that there was an added dimension, because I want Big Eyes to break an almost seamless mold, to free a monster I hear lurking underneath the surface. But that might just be me.  –todd (Grave Mistake,

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