BIG EYES: Almost Famous (West Coast Tour Edition): LP

May 08, 2013

I feel incredibly lucky that I happened to get the chance to see Big Eyes on their current West Coast tour and score myself an early copy of their new LP. Almost Famous is the follow up to their amazing Hard Life record and I am happy to report that the band is continuing on their trajectory of awesomeness. It takes a special band to be able to convey multiple, often opposing, emotions at the same time. Big Eyes’ songs are undeniably upbeat. It’s hard not to bounce up and down and sing along. It’s when you’re singing that you realize that there is often anger and sadness dwelling there. You feel it all at the same time and it just feels right. I think that this would be an amazing post-breakup record. The kind that lets you vent your frustrations, but at the same time shows you that it’s time to put on that self-satisfied smile and proceed to get out there and have fun. This is going to in rotation for a long time.

 –ty (Grave Mistake)