BIG BUSINESS: Battlefields Forever: LP

Sep 18, 2015

I would never consider myself a metal fan. My knowledge of the demonic art is next to nil, but Big Business tickle my fancy. Scott Martin’s guitar wails, drummer Coady Willis pummels, and singer/bassist Jared Warren conjures apocalyptic, battle-ravaged visions over his low-end gut-punch. Big Business are almost a parody of metal tropes (the cover is a colorful cut-and-paste menagerie of warrior lion men and the lyrics are pure fantasy), while steadfastly forging their unique brand of tongue-in-cheek, face-melting sludge metal epicness. Sonically, the power trio invokes Torche, early Baroness, and Melvins (since two members of Big Business are also members of Melvins’ current line up). If you’re like me and you’ve been searching for metal that isn’t self-serious or po-faced, then Battlefields Forever just might be your golden ticket into satan’s army. Also, I highly recommend searching for Big Business’ parody press release for their label Gold Metal Records, which features hilarious lines like “Members of the band are calling it their best album yet” and “Battlefields Forever was recorded Spring 2013 in the abandoned Beverly Hills mansion currently haunted by Jeff Goldblum.” Very funny stuff. 

 –Sean Arenas (Gold Metal,

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