BIBLE OF CAVS FANDOM, THE: free, 8 ½” x 11”, newsprint, 28pgs.

Mar 19, 2015

This zine covers fandom of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. The zine is very cut up and photocopied-looking—i.e. very punk. And it’s well written. It gives glimpses into Cleveland life and into the interest of the writer’s punk backgrounds. I wish the world were more like this: people making zines about their esoteric interests. I, alas, still think jocks are a problem, even in my advanced punk years. Not that these guys are jocks, just my narrow view of what I think jocks are. I hate organized sports to the point where I have a close friend who watches football and it vexes me. But with age comes the knowledge that one person’s stupid thing is no more inherently stupid than another person’s stupid thing. So if you’re interested in basketball, I’d highly recommend dropping them a line. I would. –Billups (Cavs Zine, PO Box 602514, Cleveland, OH 44102)