BI-MARKS: If You Can’t Swim, Drown: LP

Mar 29, 2016

Holy smokes. This Portland outfit’s been around for a number of years now, but apart from a few cuts on a Sabotage sampler, this is my first introduction. Maybe the physical act of dropping the needle on the vinyl is what it took for me to really hearthem, but goddamn. Unrelenting, snarling, fierce punk working from the same playbook as, I shit you not, the first Bad Brains record and Christ On Parade’sA Mind Is a TerribleThing, both of which are pretty flawless in my opinion. And those aren’t comparisons I fling out all willy-nilly, okay? This is “Top ten of the year” quality shit right here. Absolutely worth seeking out. 

 –Keith Rosson (Blackwater)