Beyond the Music: How Punks Are Saving the World : with DIY Ethics, Skills and Values, Edited by Joe Biel 191 pgs. By Steve Hart

Feb 02, 2015

I was beyond thrilled when I pulled this book out of the mailbox. I believe that this is what punk rock is all about—using the tools we learned in punk rock to make the world a better place. The essay, “The Virus That Cures,” by Mark Anderson, which closes the book, is worth the cover price alone. This essay is not only inspiring, but it details the journey of a punk rocker from teenager to adult. Anderson writes, “The journey started with the music, but could never end there. It always pointed beyond, past teenage tribes… punk inspired me to [pursue] knowledge and truth…”

Beyond the Music isn’t a book of nostalgia. Instead, this is a collection of stories, essays, and interviews detailing the journey of people within punk rock and focusing on what they are involved with presently.

Thankfully, this is not a collection of the usual punk rock celebrity, go-to voices. Although there a few sprinkled throughout the book, the crux of the book revolves around real voices from real people doing real things. This is incredibly inspiring and highly recommended. –Steve Hart (Cantankerous Titles, PO Box 14322, Portland, OR. 97293)

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