BEYOND PINK: The New Black: LP

Mar 01, 2011

I’ve been wanting to get this album for a few months now. But like a lot of people, money has been tight. I have one of their previous releases somewhere but never got around giving it a listen. Super stoked when I saw it at HQ in my box for review, and even more enthused when it hit my turntable. This five-piece, all-female band from Sweden gives me the same excitement that I had when I first heard the Polish band Eye For An Eye. It’s infectious hardcore with melodic undertones that is every bit as powerful or more so than other bands in the same genre. The vocals are delivered with fierce compassion that slices through the music. I really like that the production is top notch here. You can hear each instrument with clarity and it gives the band the power to keep my attention. From start to finish, this record has no filler. Now this gives me incentive to organize my music room so I can find their previous release.

 –don (Emancypunx)