Mar 27, 2012

Whiskey-and-cocaine-fueled Southern Rock/Punk/Metalcore that likely would’ve gone down a storm ten or twelve years ago when all those whiskey-and-cocaine-fueled Southern Rock/Punk/Metalcore bands were big around here ((Nashville Pussy, Nine Pound Hammer, the Hookers, REO Speedealer, Zeke i guess, etc.)). These Sons of Lemmy/Satan are indisputably fairly good at what they do ((and what they do is 1. Get dumped by lyin’-ass bitch; 2. Drink whiskey; 3. Listen to Thin Lizzy)), although i can’t say that i’m such a big fan of the genre that i’ve been starved for new product in this vein, nor that they do anything innovative enough that they inject the genre with Springtime Freshness ((although, speaking of injecting, i can’t say as i’ve ever heard a band say “We roll with the heroin!” without irony before)), thus, i suggest that if you are actively seeking out new product in the aforementioned vein ((giggity)), seek no further. If you are just looking for something to play whilst you watch episodes of Ultraman™ with the sound down, you’d best take your cart down a different aisle. BEST SONG: Amazingly, i am starting to come around to the album’s token buckle-polisher, “Annie’s Song,” which is the song that i originally told myself i would skip the next time i played the album. BEST SONG TITLE: “Bexar County Queen,” because the “X” is silent. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Album cover is printed white-on-black, which is a very rare thing.

 –norb (Cutthroat)

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