BETTY RAGE: Self-titled: CD

Jan 29, 2009

Wahooooo, motherfuckers! Betty Rage sure do know how to raucously kick it into high gear with the utmost of sinful sonic sizzle! This is devilish, booze-fuelled auditory hedonism at its most animated, boisterous, and rambunctiously unrestrained. Hell yeh, imagine the Supersuckers as an inbred backwoods clan of toothless, cross-eyed hucksters tanked-up on moonshine whiskey, tobacco spit, and Tabasco-laced pork rinds. It’s trashed-out rock’n’roll evilness with a rip-snortin’, truck-drivin’ rockabilly edge! Damn shootin’, this here purty lil’ platter of demented musical sassiness is the liveliest and sleaziest shit-kickin’ hootenanny that my ears have ever yet attended. Yeeeeehaw, pass them pork’n’beans and a couple of cold brews on over to ol’ Rog, ‘cause I’m more’n ready to pass gas and burp up a storm in perfect harmony with Betty Rage. –Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (Betty Rage)

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