BETTY MACHETE & THE ANGRY COUGARS: “Rats” b/w “Mexico”: : 7”

May 21, 2014

This is some dirty punk rock in the tradition of The Bags and The Plasmatics. Betty’s nasty, sneering vocals are the focal point here as she howls and spits through the A-side. “Mexico” offers a little breathing room with a few seconds of sultry riffing before the buzzsaw guitar kicks off again. Besides some unexpected but cool piano flair in “Mexico,” both songs stick for the most part to a tried and true formula: fast, raw, and confrontational. If it ain’t broke, right? I have to admit that I’m more into the packaging than the music—freebies include an old-school fan club mail order ad and a tip sheet for rat eradication courtesy of Columbus Public Health. 

 –Indiana Laub (Dull-Fi)