Anyone into this counterculture’s music is familiar with the assumption from those not into punk that all of the bands sound the same. Of course, it’s possible to listen to a very broad range of music, even if it all can at least in some capacity be described as “punk.” It’s interesting how seldom truly mainline, simple, generic punk records arrive. It’s tempting to dismiss such releases as trite, but often these seemingly barebones records actually have a lot going for them. That’s the case with this EP from a young band from St. Louis called Better Off Damned. It’s clear that these guys listen to a lot of classic punk and hardcore, with the end result coming off a lot like the better streetpunk bands of the ‘90s, like The Unseen, only with a bit more of an early hardcore influence akin to Group Sex era Circle Jerks. No snide comments here. I genuinely enjoyed Endless Fight, which is a stick- to- your- roots kind of release. We’re better off with Better Off Damned. 

 –Art Ettinger (Self-released,