Better If You Don’t Come Back: By Joseph DeMough By Steve Hart

May 17, 2013

Do you like skateboarding? Do you know what a frontside nollie 180 is? I had to look it up and I’m still not sure if I get it. Growing up, I loved skating—it was my main transportation until I was into my thirties. But I hardly ever learned any tricks and while my friends would skate pools and half-pipes, I would’ve rather listened to Final Conflict’s demo tape and smoke pot. Anyway, this is a fun novel about skating and smoking dope, getting a job, and being a teenager and not being in control of your life. Furthermore, it is obvious that the author skates a lot and isn’t using skateboarding as a marketing ploy. His infectious enthusiasm is on every page. (In fact, he even wrote a few messages to the reviewer in the margins –fuck Stephen Hawking indeed!). The expert use of dialogue makes the book read quickly and the literary device where Samuel Becket is referenced is brilliant. It almost reads as a play or screenplay. If you’re into skating, I think you’ll enjoy this. –Steve Hart (Fat Thumb Publishing, [email protected])

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