BETERCORE: Youthcrust Discography: CD

Jul 25, 2006

Anyone have that Sugar Pie Koko 7”? It’s a fucking awesome record; Swedish punk stuff that sounds like a mix of Charles Bronson and forty-five second-long Fingerprint songs, if you can believe that. Brutal, but just snappy and catchy as shit. Betercore’s treading that same kind of beautiful and dangerous sea with this discography—there’s something about the trapped-bird vocals and song structures that allows this twenty-seven song discography to avoid becoming tedious or dull. Pissed off and fast as fuck, there’s a catchiness that keeps you bobbing your head even as the band tries their best to throttle your goddamn lights out. And I think a group like this is one of few who actually pull off the squawking, rat-in-a-legtrap vocal styles that so many fast bands gravitate towards. To sum it up: Betercore was a staunchly DIY political punk band from the Netherlands who sang the praises of a vegan, pro-choice, anti-fashion, punk-as-fuck lifestyle, and they did it with a verve and passion that few bands can consistently pull off. Albums like this document why discographies, especially for now-disbanded bands with limited press runs on their records, can sometimes be a very, very good idea.

 –keith (Refuse)

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