Best of Yellow Rake Zine, The: Edited by Brian Polk By Steve Hart

Nov 24, 2009

I have to admit, I’ve never seen Yellow Rake before and that’s a damn shame, for the contributors in Yellow Rake have some serious writing chops. I first opened the zine up to the “overanalyzing No Means No records” article and somehow, Polk recreates No Means No’s manic quirkiness into words, quickly drawing the reader into quick, simple sentences that turn on a dime, just like the music he’s describing. Next, the interview with the owners of Wax Trax records quickly caught my attention. Every time I’ve been to Denver, I’ve made a point of going to Wax Trax and scoring some obscure musical nugget, but I never knew much about them. Of course, now I wish I would’ve looked up and said, “hi,” before walking out the door; turns out they’re rather interesting. There’s barely a throwaway page inside; the poetry is well-crafted, and I even enjoyed reading the comics, laughing to myself a couple times. The Best of Yellow Rake is everything I would want in a zine: funny and clever, politically perceptive, and always enjoyable. –Steve Hart (YR Collective, c/o Brian Polk, PO Box 100263, Denver, CO 80250)



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