Nov 07, 2008

Listen to this and awesomeness ensues. This CD is comedy, romance, catchy, sweet, and darling all at the same time. This CD is made up of songs previously released on tapes and records. I think half the fun is sitting down and really listening to the lyrics. They have cracked me up more than once. It’s fun for me just to listen to the words and giggle on my way to work. I feel absolutely ridiculous singing them, but I don’t mind such things. My favorite song on the album is the one about Orlando Bloom. She sings about how she and Orlando Bloom can’t get serious, with him being a movie star and all and her being a famous musician, but they can have a fling. I can totally relate. Anyways, there is also a love song to Abe Lincoln (and not because he did some good stuff for people, but because he is sexy) which is another theme I can relate to on a very personal level.

 –Corinne (Plan-It-X,