BERETTA76: Black Beauty: CD

Jul 24, 2007

Not quite what I was expecting. What I expected was a rock’n’roll über-assault, but what I got was the black ops going on behind the lines of the blitzkrieg. So once I got over my own expectations, I rather liked this one. Imagine a smoky, opiate-laced version of the Donnas—swirling and hazy, yet straightforward, with Camille Escobedo’s vocals wrapping around the listener like an anaconda around a goat, slowing throttling and crushing sensibilities. Funny how I wrote that without looking at the cover which has a woman with a snake wrapped around her, and she’s blending with and becoming the snake at certain points; it may be a bit of a stretcher, but the cover serves as a metaphor for the music. I think that I’m deconstructing too much now. Final word: this rocks, but in a more seductive, alluring fashion rather than simply a brutal assault.

 –Eric Carlson (Self-released,