Bent Outta Shape have figured out that elusive lost gear that most bands don’t know exists. It’s pacing and it works for fucking, square dancing, skeet shooting, and punk rock (among other things). They know how to stagger, swagger, and rock while not neutering, compromising, or scrunching. A song’ll be all atmospheric, hangover-city, then, whap, duct tape celebration, Sparks held high, morals to the ground. I’ve said it many times: Bent Outta Shape take the best of the Replacements and make new, great songs twenty years later. Righteous three songs. Snuggle: It’s fun to blame Lookout! because they didn’t pay royalties to their golden calves and now they’re bankrupt (at least artistically, if not financially). Lookout! personified, deified, and fostered the East Bay pop punk scene, then wiped their hands clean of the whole affair for ironic hipster shitpop. Here’s the second coming. Snuggle: what nostalgia feels like when you don’t have any happy memories, but lots of hard lessons learned. I say this with admiration. They’d fit right on the bill between Op Ivy and Green Day when they were both awkward, gawky, and wondering where their next meal was coming from. Fun-sounding, yearning-yet-critical, ungulity pop punk.

 –todd (1234 Go!)