BENEATH THE SAME SKY #1: free, 11” x 17” folded, copied, 8 pgs.

Nov 21, 2013

This one’s really more of a newsletter, I suppose, but to their credit the type is reaaaaallly small and they pack in a lot of information here. According to the intro, this zine was ten years in the making. BTSS is a Seattle zine focusing on the Japanese screamo scene, which is apparently thriving. Features an interview with Tetola93, a show review, a few “best of 2012” lists (?), and a handful of album reviews. Also includes the download code to a digital comp. Interesting for the fact that I have not even heard of a single one of the bands mentioned, but the writing and layout itself wasn’t quite captivating enough to pull me in. Hopefully they’ll spice things up for the next issue in 2025 or whatever. –Keith Rosson (Ryan Lewis, PO Box 383, Lynnwood, WA98046)