BENDER: Self-Titled: CD

Jun 27, 2007

Dunno about you, but when I see accordion, piano, banjo, and harmonica listed as instruments used on a recording, I expect something more or less uptempo and rootsy to come from the speakers. These guys (to be as completely obscure as possible in a shameless attempt to garner some “underground reviewer dude” cred for myself so I can use phrases like “reinvented” without fear of being beaten to a pulp by heavies doin’ dirt for the Underground Reviewer Dudes Union Local 215) sound like EXP reinvented as a pop band, or (less cryptic) the zombies from Dawn of the Dead decided to do a little rockin’ instead of people-eatin’. All gloom, depression and woe here, which, while interesting, decidedly does not go with the sunny summer weather and disposition I currently find myself stuck in.

 –jimmy (Satellite)