Sep 06, 2008

Beee-yootifully carved, spastic shit that harkens back to the days of 1993 or so, and I don’t mean that as a burn. Both bands are running the screamo angle with such perfection, this could’ve come out on Gravity fifteen years ago and no one would’ve been the wiser—except there’s a full-color cover here and no poorly typed insert with, I don’t know, drawings of stars all over it. Benard reminds me of Staircase, which is probably a fairly obscure reference in these parts, but that’s what I’m hearing. Worn In Red’s song has no less than five screamo-epic sections in it and the vocalist could be a dead ringer for Mike Carter from Glass And Ashes, except this guy’s slightly more decipherable. No information available whatsoever besides song titles, which is too bad, as it’d be nice to hear what these dudes are yelping about. Apparently, the label’s folded since putting this record out; if you’re into the genre and you come across this one in a bin somewhere, grab it up—both bands know exactly what they’re doing.

 –keith (Alaska)