Belt Fighting the Man: DVD

Feb 26, 2007

Rivethead, Toys That Kill, and Dillinger Four toured together in the summer of 2002. One of their friends (whose name is nowhere to be found on the DVD or its packaging) brought along a video camera and made a documentary about the tour. Filming punk rockers on tour has gotten old, and this type of video can only work if one of two things occur: either something extremely bizarre happens on tour, or all the bands on the tour are great. So Belt Fighting the Man works on the second criteria. All three bands have graced the covers of Razorcake. All three are among the best current punk rock bands. This video captures a few songs from each band, some drunken tour footage, funny bits (like the guys from Rivethead shoplifting forties), and about a dozen hidden features that I stumbled upon unwittingly, laughed about, then was unable to find again. The editing in this is funny in the sense that, sometimes you’ll see a drummer hit a symbol but the song won’t have a symbol crash at that point. Or the strumming on the guitar doesn’t match the beat of the song. But who cares? This is punk rock. And what the filmmaker does very well is capture interesting angles and shoot the live performances in a way that does recapture a lot of the fun and energy of seeing these bands live. As far as punk videos go, I’d say Belt Fighting the Man is up there with the Flipside Minor Threat video. Both really capture the feel and personality of the bands well. Both are way more enjoyable than your standard live footage. And, to tell the truth, I prefer Belt Fighting to the Minor Threat video just because it’s my generation and a scene I’m a part of up there on stage. –Sean (Redemption Value, 1101 26th Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414)