Sep 05, 2006

Is it their third record? I don’t know, but there are three people in it. I think the most important one is the bass player, though the other two contribute drumming and guitaring and have the same last name, Jack. It’s Roy. The bass player does that in a dominant and gamboling manner and then also does singing in John Brannon and Steve Albini manners, and what comes out has a number of similarities to Mule and The Jesus Lizard whom I compare almost everyone to but I think it might be true this time. And considering all those Midwest comparisons, you might be surprised to find out they’re from Albuquerque, which is not in New Canada but rather in New Mexico. They are, however, on a Midwestern label. Or were, I guess: they’re breaking up because you were so mean to them last time they played there.

 –doug (Crustacean)

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