BELLRAYS, THE: The Red, White, and Black: CD

Aug 07, 2006

Y’know, I could go on and on like so many other fans and critics about how crucial the Bellrays are; how they bend the definition of "punk" in the most glorious of ways; how they manage to conjure all the best of Big Brother and the Holding Company, MC5, and Tina Turner; how they take punk, soul, and garage rock's most crucial elements and boil them down into a—dare I say it—holy mélange of "good goddamn, this rocks so friggin' hard"-ness, with a side of whoop-ass to give it spice. I could further describe them as the perfect blend of the sacred and profane—a voice surely blessed by the gods merged with banshee-howl guitars and a pagan, devil rock backbeat. But, you know, I'm not gonna do that. Just pick up a copy yourself and revel in THE WORD, brothers and sisters, put forth by some of the Church of Rock'n'Roll's most venerated prophets. As they put it so eloquently on their CD booklet, "Soul is the teacher, punk is the preacher," and to not heed that message would be absolute folly

 –jimmy (Alternative Tentacles)