May 14, 2001

The Bellrays once again brazenly blast out a spirit-stirrin' hypnotic concoction of sizzlin' soulful rock'n'roll and sonic voodoopunk sultriness. Man, this is aurally IT! Nothin' else compares, or even comes close! The guitar grinds and growls with distorted over-amped jungle-swamp ferociousness... the spellbinding nicotine-charred hoochie-enchantress vocals are the intoxicating aural equivalent of a female James Brown/Bon Scott hootin'-and-hollerin' at a holyroller revival down in the impoverished shanty-towns of a "Deep South" Mississippi delta (man, this gorgeous gal's voice is more passionate, more sensuous, and sexier than any sweet sound in existence that's ever seductively caressed my ears, I kid you not!)... the bass raucously rumbles along like the earthmoving clamor of a filled-to-capacity subway train clattering along an over-used track on a one-way destination to nowhere... the dinosaur-stomp drums dissonantly crash, bang and boom with such frightful fullforce fury, I just peed myself silly, folks! Indeed, this ain't no airwave-ready "Soul Train" rehash; this is an atomic-powered punkrock "Soul Locomotive" cacophonously careening out-of-control with salaciously smooth wild abandon. It's sensually smokin', for your ears only...

 –Kristen K (Upper Cut)