BellRays: Live at the Bar Fly: DVD

Apr 05, 2006

Nothing can ever replace the experience of seeing the BellRays live. This is a truism along the same lines of importance as “Taco Bell is not even remotely related to Mexican food.” The band’s sheer muscle and greatness can only be fully appreciated when they are standing right in front of you and pummeling you repeatedly over the head with it. That said, this DVD makes an admirable attempt at doing just that. Filmed at some dive in England, this features them blasting through an eighteen-song set to an appreciative audience. Their performance is spot-on and they are energetic in their delivery—Lisa even rushes the crowd at one point. The sound quality is quite good and the multi-camera work ensures that the bulk of the action will not be missed. Much respect and gratitude is due to the folks at Punkervision for making available a video document of one of the greatest punk bands ever to grace the planet. If you live on some remote rock completely cut off from the rest of the world and own a big-screen TV and a state-of-the-art sound system, this might do the trick. My suggestion, though, would be to get the fuck off said rock, go see the band live, go home and watch this and relish in the memory of seeing ’em first-hand, then go out and see ’em again, because nothing can ever replace the experience of seeing the BellRays live. Oh, and while you’re at it, stay the fuck away from Taco Bell.  –Jimmy Alvarado (