Apr 28, 2016

Bad Wolf is the first proper cassette release from Bellhaunts, Santa Ana’s dreamiest dark lord-loving babes. Imagine if RVIVR and Sleater-Kinney teamed up to engineer an opening act for a Joy Division show in a dirty alley on the outskirts of Disneyland. Songs range from pop punk to grungy anthems, driven by catchy co-ed hooks, huge drums, and spacey lead guitar. Cassettes are lo-fi in a charming way, wrapped up in graphic art by local zinester Melina Mena. A few songs feel a little long but not enough to detract from the overall goodness of the nine tracks; while their style meanders, it never abandons. It’s a shame that these folks can’t go back in time and be born in The Pacific Northwest, because if they were from Olympia, Southern California might appreciate them more.  –Candace Hansen (Self-released,