BELLATRIX: $4, 5¼” x 7”, copied, 81 pgs.

Feb 01, 2016

This zine is actually more of a booklet to accompany an art exhibit than a traditional zine, but fuck it. Nick Canterucci is a Memphis-based artist and this exhibit was originally showcased in 2010 at the Odessa Gallery in Memphis. The content of the booklet is crude pop art about how absurd relationships and life can be. There are twenty pieces and some postcards covered; Canterucci describes the pieces—their inspiration, the materials used, et cetera. He also lays out the materials used and the size of each piece. I suppose if one had actually been at the exhibit it would be a handy, informative background artifact. The art isn’t bad, but I’m not sure what the reach of this would be beyond those in Memphis, those who know Canterucci, or those who were at the exhibit. -Kurt Morris (Nick Canterucci, 2264 Elzey, Memphis, TN38104)