BELLAKUN, THE: Bendicion Maldita: CD

Sep 13, 2006

I have a confession; my car was broken into months ago. Due to the mess my car is in, I didn’t realize the thieves left this CD behind. I apologize to the band. Since I found this disc it has been on repeat. Although extremely mellow, which isn’t usually my main source of pleasure, I instantly enjoyed the sounds coming out of my stereo. Comparisons to Sea And Cake and Mogwai can’t be quickly dismissed. The drums are all real tracks and not electronic, unlike Sea And Cake. The vocals lend themselves more to that comparison. Lyrically the Bellakun take on politics and social dilemmas. Here’s an example: “Too bad for current Babylon, you had nothing to do with, but are the scapegoat, excuse to pursue, right wing agenda, let’s make some money, for boom boom makers, take advantage of a disaster, to pursue our corporate cancer, mass murder, on no money Muslims, blown up inside the desert, bring this lone star boy and white collar thugs to a court of justice, troops poisoned by uranium made weapons, that’s not unheard of, you’re disguised like a sheep, but really a wolf. You red, white, and blue, who’s gonna stop you, oh hearer of prayer, please hear what I say, let your kingdom come, to end these men’s reigns.” The intensity of the lyrics is offset by the mellowness of the swaying music. Punk is an attitude, not a sound. Definitely look for these guys.

 â€“buttertooth (Has Anyone Ever Told You)

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