BEHIND THE WAGON: The Bottle, God…and the Ones Who Really Love You in the End: CD

Jul 02, 2009

Okay first off, the album name is way too long to not have a punch line. Secondly, the second song on the album, titled…I don’t f’in know, (I can’t read it! I’ll get to that in a second) is too cheesy for my tastes. One of the lines is, “I’m one in a million, I’m the last of a breed.” Well sir, I have to tell you, you’re not one in a million. I know because I already listen to Lucero. Thirdly, the album artwork sucks. It’s totally stupid that they went to all the effort to get photos taken of them being all serious and artistic in some location that has nothing to do with music, but they then put black type on a dark grey and black background. Now, this isn’t rocket science folks. If you do put black on black, I won’t be able to read what you’re printing. Are you pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down? Also, track five is way too long. That shit needs to be cut down because it’s long and it wouldn’t be boring if it wasn’t five minutes and twenty-five fucking seconds long. Okay, now that I told you what’s wrong with this album, I’ll tell you what’s right. If you like that country juke box kinda joint with rock songs that are a little country and a little bit southern soul, then you might be into this album. These dudes put on a fun show and know how to party, so go check ‘em out. –Dan Glen Fury

 –guest (Gettin’ Rad)