BEHIND THE WAGON: 11 Songs by…: CD

This record reminds me of Biosphere II: a sealed-off world, filled with experiment, but a crack in the foundation. Some of the experiments work. Some of them don’t. I have the feeling that there are multiple songwriters in this band and they’re all tugging in different directions. For example, a single song, it goes from Replacements (yay!) to Blues Traveler (please, no. It’s not just the harmonica, but how it’s played.). Several songs go from a promising pole to a suspicious one. Behind The Wagon’s mode is mainly in the vein of punks-going-country, (Billy from Altaira is in it) and at its tightest and most focused, I get the self-assured strains of Whiskey & Co. and Ninja Gun. I say follow that long, dusty trail for a bit longer, put in some more miles, let the dust settle, and play it as simply as possible.

 –todd (