Aug 12, 2006

A re-issue of the band’s debut LP that was originally released by Tribal War. Featuring former members of Aus-Rotten, The Pist, and React. This band plays the anarcho card with a mouthful of venom that draws a comparison to their predecessors like Conflict, Crass, or Icons of Filth lyrically. The music is pushed up more than a notch though. It is more in the crust vein with metallic licks that pushes the lyrics forward with added rage. The production is well balanced without being sterile, which adds to the sheer intensity of the music. I get the same feeling of being charged up as I did when I first heard Conflict’s Increase the Pressure. This is CD is definitely going to see a lot of playtime in the player.

 –don (Profane Existence)

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